Lower Primary

Our lower primary school

Style of classes

Our lower primary school maths enrichment class (k1 – P3) build foundation in basic mathematical theories, methods, and concepts. Children develop confidence, concentration, and the ability to think critically, leveraging extensive reasoning to solve problems, rather than rote memory.

Kindergarten 1 & 2

Create interest and fun in learning Mathematics. Set the stage for cognitive development in number sense, sorting, patterning and measuring. 
Actively engage children in the learning process through hands-on activities.

  • Numbering System
  • Counting, Patterning, Sorting
  • Colors, Shapes
  • Measuring, Comparing, Matching
  • Paths, Directions
  • Placing, Mirror Image
  • Sequencing, Observing


Primary 1 to 3

Enhance foundation in basic
Mathematics theories, methods and concepts.  Focus on developing creative thinking and a deep understanding of Math’s reasoning (rather than on rote
memory) to approach problem solving.

  • Numbering System, Fractions
  • Number Operations
  • Mental Calculations
  • Length, Mass, Volume
  • Time, Money
  • Area, Perimeter, Parallel, Perpendicular
  • Geometry, Patterns, 2D, 3D
  • Data Analysis, Graphs


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