What Are Some Fun Math Games for Kids in Kindergarten?

math games for kids

Kindergarten is an excellent time for kids to brush up on their fundamental math skills. With Math Games for Kids, they can identify, categorize, arrange, and count up to 100 things. Adding and subtracting single-digit numbers, recognizing forms, generating patterns, and classifying items based on size are amongst the examples of significant cognitive development milestones.

While our child’s teacher will keep an eye on their progress, we can help them sharpen their brains at home by engaging them in fun educational activities. The trick is to make math for kids in UAE appear like a fun game rather than a task through connecting math to their daily living. As we all know about the importance of math in early childhood, here are some engaging arithmetic fun games for preschoolers.

Stacking Cups | Math Games for Kids

Stacking cups, one of the best Math Games for Kids, is a fun way to practice counting by two digits. You’ll need roughly 100 plastic cups, each numbered 1 to 100. Have your kid count aloud as he/she stacks the cups in a numerical sequence. See how high his/her tower can go before it falls—or see if your kid can spectacularly knock it over if you use every single one of the 100 cups.

Bingo with numbers

Numbers up to 20 are commonly taught in kindergarten, and children learn how to recognize and write the numerical form of these numbers. Create a bingo board of four squares by five squares in the mathematic game. Assign a number from one to twenty to each square at random. The numbers 11-20 can be labeled by repeating them twice if your child gets lost. It is unlikely for a preschooler to have difficulty understanding teen numbers. Now, it’s time to get down to business with some Bingo! It’s possible to get “teen bingo” templates for free from The Measured Mom.

Shape Scavenger Hunt | Math Games for Kids

Seeing geometric shapes in the actual world helps our kids grasp the basic concept of geometry. This is one of the Math Games for Kids that you can play on your own lawn, house, or a nearby park and get the whole family involved. It’s important to teach your kid about many types of shapes, so help them find a range of such shapes. What distinguishes one form another? what is the difference between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes ?

math games for kids

Jumping Bean

Make a maze out of construction paper by labeling each piece from 1 to 20. Our kids can hop across the sheets of paper in numerical sequence while trying to avoid stepping on any ground surface. He/she should be able to safely leap between the pages. After completing the course, urge him/her to do the same thig in reverse. You can have them leap on a specific piece of paper based on a random number if seen fun.

Weight Measurement | Math Games for Kids

Does the sight of you cooking enthrall your child? As one of the most enjoyable measurement Math Games for Kids inquire about the weight of the ingredients once they are put together. Is it the onion or the soup container that weighs more? Using a food scale allows students to learn to read and interpret measurements and teaches them how to handle more tricky tasks.

Collage of Numbers

Do you have a bunch of old newspapers and magazines stashed somewhere? Then you and your kid can go through them and look for the numbers 1 to 30. Child-safe scissors may be used to cut out a number when you locate one (this can improve their fine muscle strength and hand-eye coordination). To complete the activity, turn the cut-out numbers into a lovely collage. This is yet another fun game included in our ‘Math for children in UAE’ curricullum.

Playing Card Addition | Math Games for Kids

Math Games for Kids can be used to teach kids the concept of addition. Shuffle a deck of cards with all the numbers from 1 to 5. Pull out two cards at a time and have your kid put the numbers together, working their way through the full stack. Using the SnapCubes, for example, can make counting easier. Are you looking to up the ante? The timer has begun! You may also include cards with a number from 6 to 10 in your deck (although your child might not be ready until they reach the first grade).

Sorting Buttons

Kindergartners should be able to sort objects by color, size, weight, and shape. Give your child various buttons and encourage them to arrange them in a color-coded fashion. Afterward, the child can select the buttons based on their desired size or the number of holes. Through this, Math games for kindergarten also aims at enhancing preschoolers’ measurement and statistical abilities.


math games for kids

Board Games | Math Games for Kids

In board Math Games for Kids we use dice and count to improve their math skills. Each time your child rolls a 4, they’ll move 8 spaces instead of 4. CandyLand and Chutes and Ladders are two popular classic games you may want to try.

Finish the Pattern

To create a pattern on the floor, gather everyday objects like socks, candy-like M&Ms, Skittles, or drinking cups. How about this order pattern for the M&Ms? Blue, red, green, green, green, and red. What does your kid think will follow next?

Final Thoughts


These ‘Math Games for Kids’ activities not only can get our kids entertained, but also help them improve their mathematical abilities and recall of basic facts. Students in higher grades who have difficulty understanding the material can also benefit from these fun math games, which can be adapted to suit their abilities. If we’re still thinking twice about the advantages of math games for our kids, we can always play a few games and touch the benefits our kids get. Looking for math programs for kids? Then take a look at our eiMaths in UAE classes and curricula to learn more.

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