Lower Primary

Our lower primary school


Style of classes

Problem-solving is acknowledged as a core competency and an important component in Mathematics. Knowing concepts is not sufficient. Students must be able to connect and apply what they have learned to solve word problems.
Our program combines both Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Heuristics that allow students to understand, make a connection using appropriate model drawing tools and strategies to mold a problem-solving mindset

Our lower primary school maths enrichment class (k1 – P3) build foundation in basic mathematical theories, methods, and concepts. Children develop confidence, concentration, and the ability to think critically, leveraging extensive reasoning to solve problems, rather than rote memory.

Kindergarten 1 & 2

Create interest and fun in learning Mathematics. Set the stage for cognitive development in number sense, sorting, patterning and measuring. 
Actively engage children in the learning process through hands-on activities.

  • Numbering System
  • Counting, Patterning, Sorting
  • Colors, Shapes
  • Measuring, Comparing, Matching
  • Paths, Directions
  • Placing, Mirror Image
  • Sequencing, Observing
Animation one
Primary 1 to 3

Enhance foundation in basic
Mathematics theories, methods and concepts.  Focus on developing creative thinking and a deep understanding of Math’s reasoning (rather than on rote
memory) to approach problem solving.

  • Numbering System, Fractions
  • Number Operations
  • Mental Calculations
  • Length, Mass, Volume
  • Time, Money
  • Area, Perimeter, Parallel, Perpendicular
  • Geometry, Patterns, 2D, 3D
  • Data Analysis, Graphs
Animation one


Animation one