What makes us unique


Learning Mode : Encourage Students to participate actively in Q & A to engage them with thinking skills and application methods Learning Attitude : With a Positive thinking atmosphere in class, the child will learn to be independent, creative and confident, with heuristic strategies to solve challenging questions


Teaching Style : Personalized learning tailored to the needs of each child according to their ability Learning Pace : Identifying child’s weaknesses through thought-provoking questioning techniques Class Size : Maximum 8 students per class


Curriculum : MOE Based Syllabus : Based on spiral learning, the material is structured from basic to In-depth Workbooks : 100% Full colour workbooks Learning Tools : To connect thinking skills and mathematics concepts through fun-filled activities


Independent thinking skills Adoption of correct strategies in problem solving Motivation and Enthusiasm in exploring Mathematics Discover Mathematical facts, concepts and relationships Strategic exploration, self-feedback and reflection of errors Interest and confidence in solving mathematical problems


Experience the new wave of learning Maths!
Join eiMaths – an award-winning program for the BEST Math Enrichment Program by Parents World.


Sultan' Mom

Very happy with the eiMarth. I could see Sultan development even deeper understanding and interest of the subject.

Rafat’s Mom

“Actually Rafat joined only this term (recent last). And I can see the development in his personality. Something like when we are on our way to our house he says, ‘Go right, go left,’ He knows the directions to use to reach our house. So he learned in a very good way. Thank you very much!”

Mila’s Mom

“Mila had a wonderful experience with the eiMaths. We can see at home that she has really progressed so much while doing the program. Thank you so much!”

Insia’s Dad

“Insia’s pattern recognition has improved a lot. And obviously she knows her numbers and she can use those numbers in everyday life. So definitely big improvement from before.”

Our Students in Class


eiMaths Joining The City School International Sharjah

eiMaths Joining The City School International Sharjah

eiMaths UAE is happy to share with you that this up coming Saturday, 7th of January 2023, we will be offering our program at The City School International in Sharjah. The City School International is offering eiMaths program as one of the Extra-Curricular Activities...

What Are Some Fun Math Games for Kids in Kindergarten?

What Are Some Fun Math Games for Kids in Kindergarten?

What Are Some Fun Math Games for Kids in Kindergarten? Kindergarten is an excellent time for kids to brush up on their fundamental math skills. With Math Games for Kids, they can identify, categorize, arrange, and count up to 100 things. Adding and subtracting...

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