What makes us unique


Learning Mode : Encourage Students to participate actively in Q & A to engage them with thinking skills and application methods Learning Attitude : With a Positive thinking atmosphere in class, the child will learn to be independent, creative and confident, with heuristic strategies to solve challenging questions


Teaching Style : Personalized learning tailored to the needs of each child according to their ability Learning Pace : Identifying child’s weaknesses through thought-provoking questioning techniques Class Size : Maximum 8 students per class


Curriculum : MOE Based Syllabus : Based on spiral learning, the material is structured from basic to In-depth Workbooks : 100% Full colour workbooks Learning Tools : To connect thinking skills and mathematics concepts through fun-filled activities


Promising Franchisor of the Year (Franchising & Licensing Awards 2019) Best Enrichment & Learning School Awards 2019/2020 The performance of Singaporean students in Trends in International Mathematics and Science Studies (TIMSS) of 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 at both Grade 4 and Grade 8 was outstanding and captured the attention of many educators and politicians world-wide.

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